Creating impact means taking a first step.

In 2012, IIX and Shujog encourage you to empower yourself to create change, starting with the strongest weapon in your arsenal: YOU! IIX and Shujog are launching the I-Factor Campaign this January, a movement that asks each person “What is your I-Factor?”.

It starts with a simple online test, helping you understand your strengths when it comes to contributing to social good, and harnessing them towards ACTION and EDUCATION. Once you ascertain your I-Factor, that’s when the real fun begins and we start connecting you with amazing people and ideas that are happening online and in your community.

Everyone has a role to play in the quest to making the world just a little bit better. Take the I-Factor test to find out your strengths in this mission and how they can be empowered for positive global change.

Take the I-Factor test today and start amplifying YOUR individual impact. 2012 is about making the leap. Start here!