Dhaka, Bangladesh | 10 January 2011

On 10 January 2011, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) organized the first Impact Forum for Social Change in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Before the Forum took place, there was a field visit to the Office of Waste Concern, a social enterprise that encourages recycling, and a panel discussion was coordinated on investment opportunities in Bangladesh and the private sector’s role in impact investment.

The Forum was opened by Durreen Shahnaz of Impact Investment Shujog who introduced ADB’s Bart W. Edes to speak. The keynote address was delivered by the eminent Dr. Masihur Rahman, and a presentation on the growth of impact investing was given by Margot Brandenburg, Associate Director of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Session One of the Forum was led by Robert Kraybill, the Managing Director of IIX. All of the speakers affirmed the keen interest among investors in investing in social enterprises.

Session Two was introduced by Komal Sahu of IIX and featured a panel discussion on the contribution of different actors to a social capital markets ecosystem.

The launch of a domestic network supporting Bangladesh’s impact investment, the most significant result of the Forum, came from a session where groups were made to look into how each sector can play a role in impact investing and what this means for Bangladesh.

The final session of the Forum recognized the opportunities for social enterprise in Bangladesh and brought attention to the second Impact Forum for Social Change, scheduled for Bangkok, Thailand in early March. The strong interest and active involvement of participants proved the success of the Dhaka Impact Forum.


The forum will bring together about 60 participants from development agencies and intermediaries, the government, social enterprises, impact investors, academia/research institutes, and other ecosystem players (bankers, lawyers, auditors, accountants, foundations, multinationals).

Showcasing Social Enterprises from Bangladesh

In an effort to showcase the SE sector in Bangladesh, please enjoy the following short video on Kazi & Kazi Tea, a SE from Bangladesh.


Registration for the forum is by invitation only.
Invitatons can be requested through the ADB, at their forum website.