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    Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) — an initiative of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation — convenes global leaders to forge solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. To learn more visit: www.clintonglobalinitiative.org



    IIX’s Impact Investing ecosystem includes all the market intermediaries necessary for the creation of social capital markets. IIX is itself part of this ecosystem and has been working to grow Impact Investing in Asia since the organization was founded.

    IIX has developed a dynamic and extensive network of local and regional Ecosystem Partners that include financial institutions, accounting firms, law firms, rating agencies, and government entities. These Ecosystem Partners increase the long-term sustainability of Social Enterprises by deepening stakeholder engagement and consequently, improving their effectiveness in producing social/environmental and financial returns. Ecosystem Partners also play a valuable role in the investment process because of their understanding of local context, transaction management skills, knowledge of local jurisdictions, and their ability to provide on-site screening and execution.

    Government ministries, research providers, brokers, bankers, academic institutions and multinational organizations are just a few of the other key Ecosystem Partners that IIX works with. All of these partners complement and educate each other in both local and international contexts.

    Key benefits for Ecosystem Partners include:

    - Building a network: By joining the IIX ecosystem, an Ecosystem Partner becomes part of a professional and international community of Impact Investors, Social Entrepreneurs, and other Ecosystem Partners.

    - Exclusive events: Ecosystem Partners will be invited to exclusive events such as our annual Impact Forum 2012 in Singapore, monthly Impact Chats, and other conferences and events.

    - Broadening knowledge: An Ecosystem Partner will gain a wider range of experience and skills in the Impact Investment space by assisting Impact Investors and Social Enterprises with structuring Impact Investments, transaction management and execution.

    - Exposure to new prospects: Ecosystem Partners are introduced to many new opportunities that will enable them to make a difference and meet their CSR objectives.

    - Be a part of the movement: The ecosystem network engages in pioneering work in the Impact Investment space in Asia and the region.

    - Creating new revenue streams: Impact Investing is a new asset class in which the Ecosystem Partner can generate new revenue streams for business that were previously not accounted for.

    IIX is seeking to partner with a variety of different organizations operating in various fields and geographic regions, specifically accounting firms, law firms, financial institutions, academic and research institutions, credit rating agencies, government institutions and regulators, and other entities with strong social missions who can play a key role in creating social capital markets.

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