Humanity Bond


What is the Humanity Bond?

The Humanity Bond is a new financial instrument that Shujog and IIX have created to raise capital to serve social needs. It serves to improve humanity by anchoring upon the idea that saving lives today should not be constrained by the lack of funding. Instead, the Humanity Bond will accelerate the availability of program funding and allows social service providers to frontload live-saving program implementation and make a large impact immediately.

Similarly, the Humanity Bond can enable service organizations to overcome the challenge of unstable, inconsistent cash flows while offering an attractive investment proposition to new investors, which creates social/environmental impact and simultaneously generates modest financial returns. This can transform the financial landscape for service providers, resulting in an increase in immediate program funding for life-saving programs and greater short-and long-term impact creation.

Read more on how the Humanity Bond can solve some of the world’s biggest humanitarian problems here:
“The Humanity Bond: A Life-Saving Game Changer For All”.


How does the Humanity Bond work?

  1. Identify a specific issue/ funding gap or organization that benefits from accessing greater program funding today (e.g. Human Trafficking, Refugee Crisis, Humanitarian Needs)
  2. Determine capital needs and future donor streams
  3. Structure the Humanity Bond and jumpstart a potential retail and institutional investor base. Build in catalysts, such as guarantees (if required)
  4. Calculate potential impact of the Humanity Bond on its ultimate beneficiaries
  5. Enable capital raise by publicly listing the bond on Impact Exchange
  6. Provide the capital upfront/ cover the immediate costs to implement life-saving activities. Measure, monitor and demonstrate the impact
  7. Impact the lives of millions of people today, while the bond issuer re-pays the investors
  8. Monitor impact and repayment on Impact Exchange


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