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    Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) — an initiative of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation — convenes global leaders to forge solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. To learn more visit: www.clintonglobalinitiative.org


    About Impact Academy



    Impact Academy is an educational platform created by Impact Investment Shujog and Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) as a one-stop learning opportunity for organizations and individuals looking to understand their role in creating and running sustainable social and environmental solutions/enterprises.

    With its comprehensive courses, Impact Academy exposes participants to the role they play in growing a Social Enterprise (SE) and impact investing space.

    With courses ranging across building efficiency, capital raising, impact measurement, and social capital markets, Impact Academy is the first stop to understanding how every individual and organization can contribute to creating sustainable, positive social change.

    To learn more about Impact Academy and discuss how we can structure a program for your organization, click here.


    Target Audience

    Learn and utilize business acumen of how to grow a small project stemming from a microfinance loan into a sustainable micro-enterprise.

    Micro-Enterprises are growth tools for millions of disadvantaged people (especially women) to create sustainable livelihoods across the region.


    Social Enterprises
    Understand how to adopt the most relevant impact measurement tools and effective capital raising strategies to grow your organization to attract capital.


    Learn more about the potential in the SE space and the metrics that employed to assess an organization’s social impact effectively.


    Discover the role companies can play in impact investing, SE development, and sustainable CSR programs.


    Some of Our Trainers:

    Durreen Shahnaz
    Durreen is the Founder of Impact Investment Shujog (Shujog), Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX). She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore (NUS).

    Robert Kraybill
    Robert is Managing Director of IIX, and a senior finance executive with two decades’ experience in capital markets as an investment banker and private equity investor.

    Albert Teo

    Albert is an Associate Professor at NUS and specializes in social entrepreneurship. He also concurrently holds a joint appointment at NUS as the deputy director of the National Scholars Programme.

    Additional trainers come from various other academic and professional partnerships.


    Learning Objectives

    Impact Academy course offerings aim to:

    • Equip participants with a solid understanding of their role in growing the SE and impact investing space
    • Introduce the new tools, methodologies and best practices being developed and deployed globally within an Asian context
    • Employ practical case studies and applied, collaborative work to take theoretical discussions into applicable practices
    • Empower public, private and non-profit sector leaders with a toolset to create or help create, sustainable, positive impact


    Academic Modules

    Impact Academy modules are available in 1, 3 and 5 packaged blocks, selected from the module options below. Impact Academy is also happy to build a customized package based on specific requirements. Please note Core Modules are learning opportunities with an expected length of 90 minutes and Supplementary Modules are conducted in 60 minutes.