On February 21, Impact Investment Shujog hosted Impact Chat together with Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) and its venue partner ESSEC Business School. The Chat featured pioneering social entrepreneurs from India and provides attendants a glimpse into peer-to-peer microlending, IT applications for students with inadequate financial resources and energy solutions for the rural poor.

Over the past couple of months, Shujog and IIX have also been rolling out its Impact Academy with several workshops on topics in Impact Investing and Social Enterprise. These workshops compliment Shujog’s advocacy and outreach programs, and provide an avenue for professionals to immerse themselves in deeper learning about topics in Impact Investing and Social Enterprise.

On February 15 and 22, IIX and Shujog gave Impact Academy workshops at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy to help Singaporean SEs and non-governmental organization (NGOs) understand and measure their impact for strategic management and effective fund raising. Another Academy, which focused specifically on the process of reporting and measuring impact was conducted at the Singapore campus ESSEC business school on March 21. March also saw IIX and Shujog’s first overseas Impact Academy, presented in partnership with UBS in Hong Kong.

Participants learned about different methodologies and their applications in impact measurement, tailored to organization size, mission, funding status and sources. Some SEs learned how to create frameworks for performance tracking and strategic management, while others sought credible measures of their impact for marketing and fundraising purposes. By understanding impact value chain, SEs can increase their value-add, improve services and demarcate efficiency and effectiveness.

Seeing an overwhelming response from SEs across Asia (and even one from Africa), IIX and Shujog’s belief in the importance of transparency in impact measurement was further confirmed. IIX and Shujog were also happy to see how far SEs have come in terms of their hunger to know and grow.