Mumbai, India | 5-6 May, 2011

Sankalp Forum India 2011 is an Intellecap led initiative that aims to catalyze impact investments into sustainable scalable enterprises globally.

At the Forum, Asian Development Bank and Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) jointly hosted a workshop on Impact Investing for Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth. Panelist from the social enterprise sector described how their business directly alleviates poverty, enables gender empowerment, seeks to include previously marginalized communities, and results in balanced and stable growth. There were subsequent round table discussions creating awareness about impact investing, IIX platforms, and social impact measurement.

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Overall, Sankalp Forum brought together over 600 impact investors, development agencies, foundations and individual philanthropists from around the globe, together with Indian social enterprises. It provided an opportunity for the social enterprises to connect with potential investors.

The Sankalp Award

The Sankalp Award, which recognizes five of the most innovative social businesses in India every year, is an integral part of the Forum. The businesses that are rewarded work across high impact sectors, namely agriculture, food and rural business, clean energy, education and technology for development. In the three years since its inception, Sankalp Forum has recognized over 60 social enterprises, forged mentoring connections and enabled capital flow to these new investible sectors.

IIX-Intellecap Partnership

Sankalp also provided the opportunity to announce IIX partnership with Intellecap. Intellecap showcased the detailed mapping exercise it had carried out, based on the criteria specified by Impact Investment Exchange, to identify market ready social enterprises in India. Moving forward, Intellecap aims to refer sustainable and scalable social enterprises seeking larger amounts of capital to the Impact Partners platform.