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With much pride I read the front page article in the International Herald Tribune recently about Bangladesh, which was once known as a land of disaster is now known as a land of success. Yes, my country still has its share of problems and hurdles, but the tireless work of many NGOs coupled with effective public policies and private sector initiatives has resulted in the country being a front runner in sustainable development and women’s advancement in South Asia.


This pride of mine spills over to the fantastic work that Social Enterprises are doing across Asia and the role impact investing is playing in helping them grow. Many of the NGOs of the past are the Social Enterprises of today and they are continuing to forge ahead with their work in sustainable growth and development. In order to help Social Enterprises more effectively raise capital from Impact Investors, we recently launched Impact Partners 2.0. If you haven’t yet, please do check out Impact Partners 2.0 which makes it even easier for investors and Social Enterprises to connect.


Our work at IIX and Shujog of the past few years is culminating into our largest gathering yet in Impact Forum 2012.  With the theme of ‘Igniting Capital Markets for Social Good’, Impact Forum is gearing up to be an exciting amalgamation of Social Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors, Public Policy Makers and the Eco System Partners.  Our special thanks go to our supporters Asian Development Bank, Singapore Tourism Board, National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Centre, Bloomberg Media, SASA, Prestige Magazine, and the list continues…


I look forward to your comments on Impact Partners 2.0 and to lively discussions at Impact Forum 2012!


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Durreen Shahnaz

Founder, IIX & Shujog




To celebrate our one year anniversary, Impact Partners is pleased to announce the launch of Impact Partners 2.0! This new version allows Investors and Social Enterprises to customize their investment preferences and opportunities on their profile page with key investment indicators highlighted for enhanced focus and clarity. Investors can also access detailed due diligence files and track the progress of a fundraising process through each investment milestone.


With the launch of 2.0, a new pricing model has been introduced which gives users the flexibility to choose the best type of annual membership to suit their needs, including a new alternative for investors with no annual fee. 


Impact Partners continues to be Asia’s first private placement platform for investment in Social Enterprises. It is a user-friendly, private, online platform that connects global impact investors with a select group of pre-screened Social Enterprises around Asia-Pacific. Find out more about the new Impact Partners 2.0 here!


Impact Investing Across Asia





Doing business in Nepal was never easy. We should know – we’ve been doing Impact Investments here for eight years. Political instability, poverty, lack of scale, and a foreign aid sector that sometimes crowds out private sector potential are just some of the factors that make doing business in Nepal challenging.  Read more>> 





Impact Investing has become a compelling asset class for multi-generational family offices that are starting to focus on transferring wealth generation values down through their second and third generations who are looking for investments that create triple bottom line returns.


Daniel Lin, the Executive Director of Blue Ocean Capital Partners based in Singapore, shares his views on how multi-generational family offices are fostering Impact Investing, and why he has chosen to support such a movement. Read more>>  



Impact Investing Solutions



SEs do not tackle climate change in a ‘silo’. There are two main ways in which SEs play a role in the fight against climate change, while creating positive social impact. First, SEs help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by bringing low carbon energy sources to the disadvantaged population and by encouraging sustainable farming practices. Read more>>



Ethical Fashion has been a buzz word for a number of years now, but what does it really mean, and how do you know if the clothes you are buying are ethical or not? The term “ethical” is most commonly associated with the working conditions and treatment of the people manufacturing the product. But more recently, the term has also begun to encompass concerns about environmental impact and sustainability.  Read More>>






IIX is working with Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee to develop an Impact Guarantee Fund (IGF) for investments in Social Enterprises (SEs) focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Leading global legal practice Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee, an IIX Ecosystem Partner, is providing pro bono legal advice regarding the establishment of the IGF. Read more>>  



Creating impact starts with one small step. In 2012, IIX and Shujog encourage you to empower yourself to create change, starting with the strongest weapon in your arsenal: YOU!  IIX and Shujog launched the I-Factor Campaign this January, a movement that asks each person:  “What is your I-Factor?”. 

It starts with a simple online test, to help you understand your strengths when it comes to contributing to social good. Then it suggests ways to harness these strengths towards ACTION and EDUCATION. Once you ascertain your I-Factor, that’s when the real fun begins and we start connecting you with amazing people and ideas online and in your community.


Everyone has a role to play in the quest to make the world just a little bit better. Take the I-Factor test to find out your part in this mission, and be empowered for positive global change.


Take the I-Factor test today and start amplifying YOUR individual impact.

2012 is about making the leap. Start here!


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Countdown To Impact Forum 2012, June 25 & 26

To share our pioneering achievements thus far, IIX and Shujog are hosting the biggest Impact Forum to date in Singapore on June 25 and 26. The event will coincide with the launch of Impact Exchange – Asia’s first social stock exchange.   


A global conference focusing on the latest developments in Impact Investing and Social Enterprise in Asia Pacific, Impact Forum will bring together Impact Investors, Social Entrepreneurs, academics, high government officials and Ecosystem Partners from across the globe and provide a unique opportunity for learning, engaging, and deepening relationships across the Impact Investing and Social Enterprise spaces.  Register now!


Impact Forum 2012




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Meet Our New Team Members 



Daryl Capanzana joins Shujog as a Marketing Associate. She was formerly with the Center for Resource Solutions where she worked on the Green-e Energy renewable energy credits certification and did research on sustainable cities in China. She was a Management Trainee at the China Banking Corporation and the VP for External Relations and Communications of the Philippine office of AIESEC. She has an MSc from the National University of Singapore and a B.A./B.S.E. (Honors) from De La Salle University – Manila. 




Shweta Poddar joins Shujog as an intern from the NUS Business School. Prior to earning her MBA, she was leading service delivery in a global advisory firm and managing the operations of a Social Enterprise she co-founded, which currently provides preliminary education to over 150 slum dwellers. She holds an Honours degree in Commerce from SRCC, Delhi. 





Kalyani Iyer joins IIX as a volunteer. She started her career in the Chinese Microfinance Industry, and then moved on to India, working for one of the country’s largest commercial MFIs in an operational and product development capacity. Most recently, Kalyani was based across Africa, working on a number of mobile banking initiatives and launched the first-ever distribution of life insurance via mobile phones in Ghana. Kalyani has a BA from Vassar College and an MSc from University College London.

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