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Gong Xi Fa Chai! Happy Chinese New Year!


We just welcomed the year of the Water Dragon in Asia – a symbol of good fortune in Chinese Astrology.  This has held true for us already, as the year has started on a high note for both IIX and Shujog.


IIX has just initiated Impact Incubator by signing an agreement with Small World Group Incubation to facilitate seed stage funding for Social Enterprises (SE). This is a big thing for the SE space in Asia, because seed stage funding is difficult to come by no matter what industry you are in, and when it is for sustainable development, sometimes, even more so. So, if you have a brilliant SE idea that you have gotten off the ground, do get in touch with us.


We are also preparing for our Impact Forum 2012 – Connecting Impact with Investment – in Singapore on June 19 and 20. With over 500 guests from across the globe, this will be one of the largest impact investing gatherings in Asia.  This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn from and network with folks from all regions of Asia and the rest of the globe.  Given all the focus on Asia now to assist in the global economic recovery, it is only fitting that one of the crucial ‘cures’ is further establishment of the impact investing space in Asia.


Shujog is very busy with a variety of new research projects it is working on across Asia and also with its impact assessment work. I am off to Bangladesh in a few days to spend some time in the field and bring back the learning. We will be spending a lot of time in the field this year (which I love!). If you want to join us, just send me a note.


While we look for good fortune from the Dragon, it is also said we need to look for meaning at the same time. So, if you haven’t already, do take a few minutes to assess what meaning your work, your investment, and your time are generating. It is a good practice for a better world.


Enjoy perusing our latest IQ, which is filled with ideas and tips on how you can become more involved in the impact investing space.


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A catalyst for social development: impact investing




82% of the world’s fisheries are over-exploited and under-  managed, despite more than 20 international treaties  protecting global fish stocks. For all their best intentions,  policymakers’ focus on controlling inputs and outputs —  such as the number of fishing vessels permitted or maximum  catch limits for specific species — does not discourage over-fishing. Instead, as seen in The End of the Line at November’s Impact Chat, the problem is merely shifted as fishers use larger vessels and over-exploit less regulated species.


How are social enterprises tackling this issue?Read more>>




So you think you can invest? Perhaps you are considering impact investing, but don’t know where to begin. Why have others become impact investors? Do you have what it takes to make a difference? We asked our very own impact investors to share their insights and experiences. Click through to Read more>>



IIX and CFIF join forces to tackle climate change


IIX is proud to announce that it has won funding from the Climate Finance Innovation Facility, a program run by the Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Center for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance, to create an Impact Guarantee Fund that will guarantee a portion of selected debt investments in order to reduce the investment risks by impact investors.


Guarantee funds are a successful and proven product for encouraging lending and have shown great promise in catalyzing impact investing. IIX will use this funding to develop an Impact Guarantee Fund with a special focus on mitigating and adapting to climate change in Asia Pacific.


Broadening our Impact



 IIX and Small World Group Incubator (SWGI), an influential seed stage venture capital group, have begun collaborating on IIX’s newest funding vehicle, Impact Incubator. Impact Incubator enables seed-stage funding focused on seeking out the most innovative, socially conscious and financially viable ideas in Asia. How does it achieve this? Read More >>


IIX and Shujog are hosting our biggest Impact Forum to date on June 19 and 20 in Singapore as a culmination of our pioneering achievements thus far, including the upcoming launch of Impact Exchange – Asia’s first social stock exchange.



Impact Forum is a global conference focusing on examining the latest developments in Impact Investing and Social Enterprise in Asia Pacific. The Forum is bringing together over 500 participants-bankers, lawyers, social entrepreneurs, academics, and high government officials from across the globe. Utilizing IIX and Shujog’s on-the-ground experience and our extensive network of movers and shakers of the Asian Impact Investing and Social Enterprise spaces, the Impact Forum 2012 will provide a unique opportunity to learn, engage, and deepen experiences and relationships in these spaces. Register now!





CHALLENGES WORLDWIDE: UNLOCKING POTENTIAL™It is widely recognized  that despite the booming Social Enterprise space, there are still many obstacles for small and medium businesses to overcome before they can reach their full potential. This issue’s Featured Ecosystem Partner, Challenges Worldwide (CWW), is a pioneering non-profit organization that helps businesses and non-governmental organizations in emerging economies overcome such barriers by offering a series of capacity building and financial services. In doing so, CWW hopes to help foster a better business environment and stimulate inclusive economic growth in emerging economies.


CWW works with a global volunteer network of 15,000 business leaders and professional services experts  and delivers business support to over 100 social enterprises every year. CWW identifies high potential businesses and helps them strengthen their operations by carrying out essential assignments such as developing and implementing a new financial operating model, as well as sharing professional skills and experience.


“One of our strengths is having the exciting opportunity to work with pioneers in the impact investment arena,” said Eoghan Mackie, CWW’s CEO. For enterprises that are ready to take their social and business missions to the next level, CWW’s services could play a key role in enhancing an organization’s positive impact, while strengthening its credentials for potential impact investors.  At IIX, we will work with CWW, using complementary strengths to help social enteprises scale up their impact, and push forward the impact investment space in Asia.



Creating impact means taking a first step.

In 2012, IIX and Shujog encourage you to empower yourself to create change, starting with the strongest weapon in your arsenal: YOU!  IIX and Shujog are launching the I-Factor Campaign this January, a movement that asks each person “What is your I-Factor?”.


It starts with a simple online test, helping you understand your strengths when it comes to contributing to social good, and harnessing them towards ACTION and EDUCATION. Once you ascertain your I-Factor, that’s when the real fun begins and we start connecting you with amazing people and ideas that are happening online and in your community.


Everyone has a role to play in the quest to making the world just a little bit better. Take the I-Factor test to find out your strengths in this mission and how they can be empowered for positive global change.


Take the I-Factor test today and start amplifying YOUR individual impact.

2012 is about making the leap. Start here!


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Meet Our New Team Members



Saskia Werther joins IIX as a Business Development Associate.  She has worked in the financial sector and volunteered for NGOs concerned with women’s rights, refugees, and poverty eradication.  Saskia holds an LLM in European, Dutch and Comparative Law from Maastricht University and an MsC in International Political Economy from Nanyang Technological University.


Alvaro Pascual joins Shujog as a Research Analyst.  He is currently pursuing an M.A. in International Development and Economics, and has an MSc in Economic Analysis from the Complutense University of Madrid. He has a background in research and finance, and speaks Spanish and English fluently with a working knowledge of French and Chinese.



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Upcoming Events

Impact investing is all about impact – but how do you measure that impact? Find out at our special Impact Academy in March. Learn more here!

Join us for our February Impact Chat on Indian SMEs. More information here.

Learn about impact investing, LIVE, from world-renowned experts at an Impact Forum!


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