IQ: July 2011

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This Quarter’s Issue:

Letter from Durreen

Dear Friends,

I am still a bit dazed from my amazing trip to San Francisco for the Wharton Global Alumni Forum. The Forum was outstanding and it was truly wonderful to see Wharton’s commitment to social change.

As you know, we launched Impact Partners couple of months ago and it is growing by leaps and bounds. Impact Partners is connecting Social Enterprises from across Asia to qualified Impact Investors from across the globe. To everyone who is continuing to make this happen, thank you so much!

To sustain this momentum going forward, one area of focus for us will continue to be to build an ecosystem of enablers, especially in the key markets for us. With that in mind, we featured a number of such enablers in Singapore and Hong Kong who similar to us is making the ground ready for impact investing and getting ecosystem partners involved in the space.

Finally, at IIX and Shujog, we are huge believers in partnerships and the importance of cooperation and coordination, so we are excited about our new partnership with Mission Markets and Give2Asia. These partnerships will expand the reach of both organizations beyond its geographic boundaries which is fantastic.
Our office is now buzzing with Summer Associates and Analysts from the top schools in the US and Europe – all working with one mission of bringing sustainable development to Asia through social enterprise. Bravo to these young souls!

There is a lot in the works. If you are in South East Asia, do come and visit our Feng Shui friendly office.


With best wishes from a warm Singapore,







The Meaning Behind the Brand

Corum Prioritizes Corporate Social Responsibility

Luxury brands are under more scrutiny than ever before. Increasingly, customers are demanding to know not just what a global niche luxury watch brand like Corum values, but also how it stands behind these values. “Today’s consumer likes to go beyond the marketing tag line to see what values the brand truly stands for,” says Corum’s Regional Managing Director Deepa Chatrath. What does this trend mean for corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives? Read more>>

Investing in Asia

Venture Philanthropy Network to Launch in Singapore

The Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) plans to help the venture philanthropy (VP) space across Asia grow with its new Singapore-based platform set to launch in 2012. According to AVPN, experience, capital and knowledge exchange between its members can multiply social impact. Why does AVPN believe Asia is more than ready for VP and impact investing? Read more>>

Active Solutions

Hong Kong Adopts Impact Investing to Curb Social Problems

Hong Kong is home to diverse parties willing to invest financial, intellectual and human capital in innovative ways to achieve social impact. “No one will deny that Hong Kong has crowds of enthusiastic businessmen, corporations and people who want to give a helping hand to society,” says Francis Ngai, founder and CEO of Social Ventures Hong Kong. Why does social enterprise play a critical role in Hong Kong and China? Read more>>

New Space For Bankers

Nomura Banker Speaks Out For Impact Investing

Bankers are getting on board with impact investing, finding innovative ways to use their skills and experiences for social good. Inés Noé is one such banker championing the impact investing movement within Nomura International Hong Kong. “I am ready to use my skills in a new and rewarding manner,” says Noé. What is drawing her in? Read more>>




Joining Forces

Mission Markets and IIX Partner to Expand Reach

Mission Markets and IIX have partnered to expand their geographic reach to a broader range of global investors. Mission Markets provides a secure online community where participants can communicate, access and share information, and transact business. By working with Mission Markets, IIX will increase the visibility of promising social enterprises now listed on its private platform, Impact Partners, to investors around the globe.

Shujog Sponsorship with Give2Asia

Shujog has established a fiscal sponsorship with U.S.-based public charity Give2Asia, a premier non-profit organization advocating philanthropic giving to Asia by providing personalized advice and tools to U.S. donors and Asia-based individuals, families, corporations and foundations. Give2Asia has made over $150 million in advised grants to almost 1000 qualified organizations throughout Asia. Donate to Give2Asia in support of Shujog at, or by sending donations to “Give2Asia” by check, wire, or securities transfer.

IIX at Wharton

IIX was featured at last week’s Wharton Global Alumni Forum, where Durreen was invited to speak on the topic of “Creative Solutions to Investing Challenges.” As the lone impact investor on a panel of traditional investment managers, Durreen engaged the audience to consider how the future of traditional investing can integrate using capital markets for social good.


Energy For All

En Lee, Director of Impact Partners, and Komal Sahu, IIX Director of Strategic Partnerships, attended the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Energy for All Investor Forum, held on 21 June 2011 in Manila. The Impact Partners Platform garnered much interest as an active way to implement change, and members of the Energy for All Partnership are looking to collaborate with Impact Partners in order to achieve their goal of providing 100 million people with access to modern energy by 2015.



Shujog in Bangladesh

In April 2011, Shujog sent its research team, Magnus Young and Shlesha Thapaliya, to Dhaka, Bangladesh as part of its impact assessment mission. The team was continuously reminded of the importance of leveraging local knowledge to empower people in a broad-based sustainable way – a primary principle underpinning all of Shujog’s impact assessment work. What did local entrepreneurs have to say? Magnus Young reports>>

Impact Academy

IIX has launched Impact Academy, a premier learning platform that uses new tools and practical case studies to help organizations understand their important role in creating sustainable social and environmental solutions. The Academy is a first stop for social enterprises, investors and companies to learn from expert practitioners and academics across various sectors.



Reluctant Philanthropists in India

India’s charitable giving is far less established than other countries like the US and UK. Humaneity Magazine tells us why this is so with research from Bain. Read more>>

Sustainable Lifestyles

Are you looking for innovative environmental and social missions? Check out Gaia Discovery’s Thailand’s Green Routes Boost Eco-tourism. Read more>>


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