IIX is itself a Social Enterprise with a social mission:

To provide Social Enterprises in Asia with greater access to capital, allowing them to more rapidly expand the impact of their activities.

Opportunity to Create Greater Impact

As their economies expand, developing countries in Asia are struggling to maintain growth that is socially equitable and environmentally sustainable.

In response, Social Enterprises have emerged to tackle problems in sectors such as healthcare, education, affordable housing, clean technology and microfinance. But most are unable to make a widespread, systemic, positive impact because they don’t have access to growth capital to expand their operations.

At IIX, we believe that impact investment can solve this problem — providing the capital needed to allow Social Enterprises to achieve their potential, while linking social enterprises with impact investors who share their commitment to achieving their social mission. Impact investment in Asia is beginning to take root, nurtured by a small group of early adopters among individuals, foundations and social venture investment funds. IIX aims to help nurture and build this market by:

  • increasing awareness about impact investment to grow the pool of impact investors and to build the impact investment ecosystem in the region; and
  • building investment platforms to more effectively connect social enterprises with impact investors who can provide them capital to reach scale.

IIX seeks to address the various stages of capital raising that a Social Enterprise may encounter throughout its lifecycle. IIX operates the Impact Incubator and Impact Partners platforms to help Social Enterprises access impact investment capital in private transactions. IIX also launched Impact Exchange, the world’s first social stock exchange in a joint initiative between the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Exchange – to allow larger Social Enterprises to access the public capital markets while offering socially-minded Impact Investors the opportunity to efficiently and effectively direct their capital into liquid investments that align with their values.