Unlike a traditional stock exchange, IIX focuses exclusively on Social Enterprises providing:



This is achieved via three platforms:

Impact AcceleratorImpact Accelerator is dedicated to providing early-stage Social Enterprises (SEs) across Asia with access to seed funding and mentorship to help them develop and scale their social impact. For more details Click Here


Impact Partners – launched on 31 March 2011 – is an exclusive network where Impact Investors are given access to business plans and introduced to Social Enterprises seeking private investment capital. The online platform is a dedicated matching service for investors interested in making private investments in pre-screened Social Enterprises that match their investment criteria. Unique to Impact Partners is the fact that the Social Enterprises on the platform have been assessed on their social impact and financial capacity through a market readiness assessment framework. Investors can be assured of high-level access to a possible investment opportunity. All transactions resulting from an introduction on the Partners network are executed privately. For more details Click Here


No tag line Hi-Res Transparent Exchange logoImpact Exchange is the world’s first public trading platform dedicated to connecting Social Enterprises (SEs) with mission-aligned investment. Impact Exchange provides a unique opportunity for Asian and African SEs to raise investment capital to scale and deepen their social and environmental impact while offering Impact Investors the opportunity to invest in and trade securities issued by SEs that reflect their values.

This global platform, a joint initiative between the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) and IIX, is strategically located in Mauritius. It operates under the SEM’s regulatory framework and IIX provides oversight of social and environmental requirements and obligations. All issuers must demonstrate positive social and environmental impact to be listed on Impact Exchange.

Impact Exchange provides all the advantages of other public trading platforms – liquidity, transparency and efficiency – while also ensuring that the social and environmental mission and impact of the issuers is safeguarded and showcased. With the rise of sustainable and scalable SEs creating positive impact all over the world, Impact Exchange is the public gateway for those who wish to invest in sustainable change for the betterment of society and the environment.


Why join Impact Exchange?

Mission protection – Impact Exchange links to SEs to a global network of Impact Investors who care equally about social mission and financial returns. Mission protection is ensured though rigorous monitoring and incorporation of social/environmental assessment in company evaluation.

Liquidity – The quotation of securities on Impact Exchange will increase liquidity for the SEs’ shareholders and provide a transparent and regulated mechanism for investors to trade their securities. Listed SEs can also attract a broader investor base through quotation on Impact Exchange.

Increased Impact – Raising capital on Impact Exchange will increase an SE’s exposure to investors as well as to the media and general public. Reporting the results of the financial, social and environmental impact of an SE will publicly raise its profile and will draw more potential retail and institutional impact investors.

To learn more about about Impact Exchange, please click here.