Sam Salman, the new CEO of Mission Markets™, believes that his partnership with Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) will help reduce the fragmentation seen today in the field of impact investing and “lead to increased capital flow across borders, which will provide encouragement to innovators in the impact and sustainability sectors.”

Sam Salman, the new CEO for Mission Markets™ (a US-based private placement platform for impact investing), and his team from New Reality Solutions (NRS Associates, LLC) bring knowledge and experience in scientific, investment banking, advisory, and informational capabilities that will help prepare for growth in the impact investment space.

Mission Markets™, based in New York City, has the resources and tools that can help shape the impact investing field. “We have integrated our services to include financial advisory, market data informatics, and technology-driven matching for impact and sustainability related market participants,” said Salman.

On May 31, 2011, Mission Markets™ and IIX jointly announced their partnership to create the capital market infrastructure needed, such as standardization and financial best practice, to broaden both organizations’ geographical reach. “We believe that the partnership between Mission Markets and IIX will encourage that necessary cooperation and standardization that will drive global growth” said Salman.

In the US, Salman sees a convergence of top-down and bottom-up activity, by both large corporations as well as other organizations. In terms of the top-down activity in the US, Sam notes that organizations are supporting both in-house and external impact and sustainability ventures.  From the bottom-up in the US, Sam mentioned how entrepreneurs and other change agents are launching impact and sustainability ventures through the support of family offices, foundations, and companies such as Mission Markets. “Overall market activity is driving innovation and new intellectual property, such as legal, research, transaction and partnership frameworks,” said Salman, discussing how “[these] features have been evident in virtually every other emerging asset class.”

IIX and Mission Markets look to utilize their partnership to scale impact investing on a global level.  “Impact investing provides a channel to direct resources into [economically disenfranchised] communities without relying on inadequate or unresponsive conventional distributors of wealth and investment,” said Salman. It is for such reasons that IIX and Mission Markets continue working to make impact investing into a primary method of creating sustainable social, environmental, and economic growth.