So you think you can invest? Perhaps you are considering impact investing, but don’t know where to begin. Why have others become impact investors? Do you have what it takes to make a difference? We asked our very own impact investors to share their insights and experiences.

Impact investments are intended to create a positive impact on society or the environment, beyond financial return. In a world where our most pressing social and environmental problems are spiraling out of control, impact investing provides a solution by channeling investment capital into businesses that are tackling issues of climate change, clean water, sustainable fisheries, fair trade, education, health and poverty.


Lynna Chandra


But why become an Impact Investor?

In the words of Lynna Chandra of Absolute Partners: “We believe in supporting businesses that are focused on bringing solutions to the social and environmental problems facing the world today.”




Joan Yao


What are the two most important things you need to become an Impact Investor?

According to Joan Yao of LGT Venture Philanthropy, the two most important factors are: “Compassion and humility, because sometimes, coming straight out of the for-profit world, impact investors can be very overbearing about the “right” way to do things. We must always try to remember that we are here to listen/learn as much as we are to evaluate/teach organizations; even if ultimately we might disagree with how an organization operates, we should never be disrespectful of them and their work. Meaningful change takes time, and therefore we must have the patience and willingness to do the work that is needed.”

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