IIX and Shujog Summer Team 2012


(left to right: Chay Kerdpairoj, Zubin Sharma, Hanook Kim, Azba Gurm)


IIX and Shujog take in outstanding Analysts and Associates every summer. The summer team for 2012 is below:


 Azba Gurm joined IIX/Shujog in 2011 for a short internship with the Marketing team and is back again this summer. Her favorite moments with IIX/Shujog include getting to see some local Social Enterprises firsthand and getting plenty of exposure to Impact Investing. Azba is a rising senior at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Outside of school, she plays tennis and enjoys photography and traveling. 

Hanook Kim is currently pursuing his MBA degree at Columbia Business School, focusing on Impact Investing and Social Enterprises.  Prior to business school, Hanook had worked as a project officer at the Korean Sharing Movement, an NGO that provides humanitarian and development aid to North Korea, and was closely involved in setting up the Korea branch of The Climate Project. Before Hanook’s non-profit endeavors, he started out his career working in fixed income at Deutsche Asset Management in Seoul, Korea. Hanook is working closely on the deal side of IIX and leading the CRM efforts. He will never forget celebrating with all the IIX and Shujog staff the successful closing of the Impact Forum 2012.
Nao Iwamoto worked at the Tokyo Stock Exchange for seven years. She was responsible for listed company compliance and has done extensive research on international stock exchanges. Nao is currently pursuing her MBA at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Nao enjoys having lunch and dinner with the IIX/Shujog teams where she is surrounded by interesting people with diverse experiences. On the side, Nao enjoys playing golf with her colleagues in Indonesia.
Prad Kerdpairoj (Chay) is originally from Bangkok and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration in International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School. Chay earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and conducted field research on financial access for the poor for two years at MIT. The highlight of Chay’s experience with IIX/Shujog is one of the brainstorming sessions to design a client’s health insurance program where he learned a lot from talking with more experienced colleagues. Chay is so excited about the project that he is now thinking about how he can apply what he learned to solve a public health crisis in Thailand.
Stephanie Peng grew up in a suburb of New York City. Stephanie completed her undergraduate degree in Operations Research and Engineering at Cornell University. After graduation, she moved to New York City to work at the global asset management firm AllianceBernstein, where she spent four years in quantitative research. This fall, Stephanie will begin her MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. After earning her MBA, Stephanie plans to get into impact investing in Asia and the Middle East. Her favorite moments at IIX were the late team dinners after long days of preparing for Impact Forum 2012.
Zubin Sharma is a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Political Economy and South Asia Studies. Zubin is passionate about human and economic development in India, particularly in the context of Social Enterprise. He has led service trips to schools for underprivileged children in Lucknow, India and continues to do fundraising for them. Zubin interned for the Social Enterprise Husk Power Systems in the West Champaran District of Bihar, India in the summer of 2011.