Sustainable Fisheries Impact Chat Recap

IIX and Shujog hosted a thought-provoking Impact Chat about sustainable fishing on Thursday, November 10, 2011. The Chat was held at Sinema Old School, in collaboration with Sinema Old School, Green Drinks Singapore and Young NTUC, and was sponsored by DBS.

The Chat featured a screening of the film The End of the Line, prefaced and followed with comments by the crew of the ship Mir of the Biosphere Foundation. From the ship Mir, Chairman and President of the Biosphere Foundation Abigail Alling, Captain Mark Van Thillo, coral reef scientist Carol Milner, professional woodworker and layer of teak decks Joe Mallia, and apprentice on leave from Yale University Michael Harris were all present to share their insights. Captain Mark discussed their work involving the Mir in Southeast Asia, specifically how the Biosphere Foundation is making a difference by promoting sustainable fishing practices and preservation of marine biodiversity. The End of the Line complemented this discussion by giving a brutally honest assessment of current unsustainable fishing practices globally, and how practices must be changed before fish populations are globally depleted.

The Chat concluded with a stimulating Q&A about individual responsibility and a call to action, so that the world can enjoy sustainable seafood for generations to come.