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  • Summer 2013 Internship Program

    Update: Application process has closed.  Final candidates will be contacted by April 1.



    IIX and its not-for-profit sister entity, Shujog, are pleased to announce that they are opening the application process for both organizations’ Summer 2013 internship program.

    IIX and Shujog’s internship program is an opportunity for students and recent graduates to experience impact investing and social entrepreneurship in Asia.  From its head office in Singapore to its various collaborations with partners throughout Asia, IIX and Shujog offers an unmatched opportunity to participate and contribute to positive social and environmental change in the region.


    Application Process:

    Interested candidates can submit their application and resume to Lina Tang at ltang@asiaiix.com by March 1, 2013.  In the email, please submit your most updated CV, cover letter and the different areas of IIX/Shujog’s work you would be most interested in (please see below for more details).  Please note all accepted interns will be working across teams as needed.  Interns starting with us in May 2013 will all be involved in Impact Forum, IIX and Shujog’s global conference on impact investing and social capital markets. Application deadline for interested candidates will be March 1 and IIX/Shujog will notify its final list of candidates for interview by March 22.  All offers will be made by April 12. All IIX and Shujog internships are unpaid.


    Available Roles within IIX:

    Note:  IIX will show a preference to candidates who have a strong background in the finance, consulting and/or legal sectors due to the nature of the organization’s work.  Working history in developing countries as well as demonstrable interest in Asia a plus. Preferences will be given to candidates graduating Summer 2014. 

    Investor Relations Team:  Assist the Impact Partners team to conduct investor outreach and education.  This will include direct engagement with investors, high-net worth individuals and banks, so fluency in finance is needed.  This individual will also work with and assess social enterprises to prepare them for Impact Partners listing (examining financial reports, business plans, understanding capital needs).  Marketing deals listed on the platform will also be a key role.

    Social Enterprise/Issuer Team:  Work with the Social Enterprise team on evaluating social enterprises, guiding them to become investor-ready and managing their capital raising processes.  This work will include financial valuation, social impact assessment, process management and building trusted relationships.

    Business Development Team:  The IIX business development team initiates and cultivates important relationships and initiatives that will result in strategic partnerships.  The business development team supports the development of new products, services and projects that IIX is researching and/or test-launching.  Outreach to build a local and regional network of ecosystem partners who will contribute and support the long-term sustainability of SEs will also be a critical role.  Demonstrated project management skills are required in this role.   IIX’s business development team works closely with their counterparts at Shujog.


    Available Roles within Shujog:

    Shujog is a legally separate but affiliated not-for-profit organization that helps SEs raise growth capital by showcasing and highlighting their social impact. Shujog develops the thought-leadership, advocacy and research that strengthen social enterprises in Asia Pacific.  In particular, it provides the tools, awareness and knowledge that social enterprises need to measure and communicate their social/environmental impact as well as to build organizational and financial accountability to attract investment capital.  Shujog intensively dives into various sector and policy research that is shaping the social capital markets in the region.

    Note:  Previous marketing, development or research work highly preferred.  Strong writing skills required and proposal writing background a plus.  Working history in developing countries as well as demonstrable interest in Asia a plus. Preferences will be given to candidates graduating Summer 2014.

    Assessment and Research Team:  Conduct research and analysis of the social enterprise sector in Asia.  This includes country-wide, sector-specific or ecosystem-targeted research as well as broader policy perspectives.  These research efforts culminate in published reports that are widely disseminated across the region.  In addition, work closely on refining and implementing the Shujog Assessment, which helps social enterprises measure and communicate their social and environmental impact.

    Marketing and Communications Team:  Work with the Shujog team to continue building strategic messaging and initiatives that promote the impact investing and social enterprise space in Asia. Work closely across all functions of both IIX and Shujog to continue building a cohesive and compelling story of how social capital markets will influence sustainable development in Asia.

    Business Development Team:  The Shujog business development team initiates and cultivates important relationships and initiatives that will result in strategic partnerships with Shujog.  The business development team focuses on marketing and developing Shujog products and services that fulfill a need in the social enterprise and impact investment community in Asia.  The Business Development team will work closely with its counterpart at IIX as well as with the Marketing and Communications team.

    For more information about Impact Investment Shujog, please visit www.shujog.org.