The Family Office as Pioneer in Impact Investing

Impact Investing has become a compelling asset class for multi-generational family offices that are starting to focus on transferring wealth generation values down through their second and third generations who are looking for investments that create triple bottom line returns.

Daniel Lin, the Executive Director of Blue Ocean Capital Partners based in Singapore, shares his views on how multi-generational family offices are fostering Impact Investing, and why he has chosen to support such a movement.

Family offices are able to deliver a powerful combination of in-house investment expertise, made available through hired investment professionals and a group of motivated inter-generational family members. Together, they work towards forming a strategic outlook that seeks not only financial profit, but also the creation of measurable social impact over time.

Family members have access to investment professionals within the family office to ensure that business proposals are properly drawn up, cash flow requirements adequately met, and that financial and social objectives are clear and executable. As projects are often long term and time consuming, it helps to have a team of motivated family members who share an extended view on the projects, and are thus better able to monitor, advise and adapt to dynamic circumstances effectively.

Lin says he supports Impact Investing because it marries two of his favorite passions – investing in the family unit and creating a positive impact through strategic investments. “The beauty of family members working together is that in the process of helping others, they inadvertently draw closer to each other. There is a deeper understanding of what drives each member. They can also leverage off each other’s assets; the older generation shares its experience and wisdom while the younger generation shares its drive and energy. The best part, is that in this process, we can make a difference in the world!” says Lin.

Photo credit: Flickr/allensima