Women’s Livelihood Bond

Empowering 500,000 women across Southeast Asia
through innovative finance.

IIX's Commitment to Action to


A US$16 million debt security for impact enterprises and microfinance institutions to grow their business and scale social impact.

How does the Bond work?

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WLB is structured to create a “basket” (Special Purpose Vehicle- SPV) of Impact Enterprise issuers. Through that SPV, WLB raises funds from investors seeking financial and social returns.


Proceeds from the bond are lent to the basket of Microfinance Institutions and Impact Enterprises whose activities benefit women


Microfinance Institutions and Impact Enterprises are better able to serve women beneficiaries and improve their  access to finance, essential goods, income-generating assets and vocational training

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Women effectively transition from rural subsistence living towards sustainable livelihoods – through access to credit, market linkages and affordable goods.

Shujog monitors the borrowers’ social performance, including calculating their Social Return on Investment (sROI).

The IIX Women’s Livelihood Bond is open-sourced. You can now replicate and scale this financial instrument for further impact.

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